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I Hear You

Many people communicate their love for one another through words whether it is a compliment, song, or simply saying, “I love you.”

February is also a great time to express love and support for someone by helping them deal with their hearing loss. It can often be a tough subject to address with a loved one, but your support can go a long way in helping on the journey toward better hearing.

Here Are Simple Ways to Show You Care:

  • Explain how your loved one’s hearing loss affects you. Sometimes if someone won’t make a positive change for him or herself, he or she will do it for someone else. Once the initial step is taken to do something to improve hearing, he or she will realize the immense impact hearing improvement has on life and overall happiness.
  • After you have had your initial conversation, consider taking an online hearing test in the comfort of your own home. Have your loved one answer five short questions and then listen to a series of tones. It only takes a few minutes and will give you both a basic understanding of any hearing loss issue that exists
  • Go with your loved one to the hearing appointment. You will not only act as a support system, but also learn how you can help assist with the changes hearing aids bring.

We at Conner Hearing Aid Clinic know there is no better time to help a loved one find a solution to hearing loss. Schedule an appointment today at our office in in Bremerton and Port Orchard, WA at 360-728-3013 or 360-876-1252 to learn how to help improve the way you or a loved one hears!

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