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The Best Hearing Aid Styles in Kitsap County, WA

At Conner Hearing Aid Clinic, we offer a premium selection of hearing aid styles in Kitsap County, WA. We have various hearing aid options available to you. The styles vary in design, size, special features, and price. Knowing which hearing aid is best depends on your needs and hearing loss level. Because there are many options to choose from, our staff is here to help you determine which style works best for you. We offer convenient, affordable solutions for hearing loss with rechargeable models. Our professional clinic offers a wide range of types, styles, and customization from a qualified audiologist.

Choosing a Hearing Aid Type

The type of hearing aid that’s best for you may depend on how much dexterity you have, how active your lifestyle is, and what kind of hearing loss you have. Small hearing aids are best suited for milder cases of hearing loss since they’re designed to be less noticeable but may not give dramatically improved results. The hearing aids we offer include the following styles:

Behind the Ear (BTE)

This classic style is optimal for moderate to severe hearing loss.

Completely in the Canal (CIC)

This discreet type includes a tiny handle for easier removal.

Hearing & Activity Tracking
Hearing and Activity Tracking

Improve hearing while monitoring activity and engagement.

In the Canal (ITC)

This custom-fit hearing aid is small and shows in the outer ear.

In the Ear (ITE)

This custom style sits entirely in the outer ear.


These styles are barely visible for the best cosmetic appearance.

Receiver in Canal (RIC)

This discreet design is easy to adjust and best suited for mild to severe hearing loss.


Our rechargeable devices are best suited for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Single-Sided Hearing

This hearing aid option allows you to hear from both sides.

Smartphone Compatible

We offer hearing aids that can stream music and phone calls.


This innovative design helps relieve the symptoms of ringing in the ears.

Wireless Accessories

Optional accessories include remotes, microphones, and streaming.

Improve Your Hearing Today

Although hearing aids can’t restore your hearing to normal, they can improve hearing significantly by amplifying sounds. Hearing aids carry sounds from your environment and make them louder. Small microphones in the device collect sounds from the environment, while a computer chip amplifier converts the sound into digital code and adjusts it based on hearing loss. These amplified signals are then converted back into sound waves and transmitted through small speakers or receivers. All our quality hearing aids offer effective and cosmetically appealing hearing improvement.

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