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Single-Sided Hearing Solutions in Kitsap County, WA

Conner Hearing Aid Clinic provides effective single-sided hearing solutions in Kitsap County, WA. We have excellent options for individuals with hearing loss, mainly in one ear. Experiencing single-sided hearing loss comes with its own challenges, including difficulty participating in conversations or identifying where sounds are coming from. This type of hearing loss is often permanent and can be caused by infections, tumors, disease, head trauma, or damage to the ear. Our clinic offers a variety of hearing aid styles explicitly made for this unique situation. Our hearing aids provide reliable sound quality and durability. We’ll help you find the best hearing solution for your needs.

Easily Adapt to New Sounds

Single-sided hearing loss can make it harder for your brain to understand where background noise is coming from. This is distracting for your brain and makes it more difficult to process sounds appropriately. It can also prevent you from picking up consonant sounds, creating stress and frustration with communication. Our specialized single-sided hearing solutions provide the adjustments and speech boosting you need to hear comfortably. We offer CROS and BiCROS systems that transmit sound through a wireless connection to the receiver to help you hear sounds on both sides. Our single-sided hearing loss solutions include:


This discreet and adjustable design allows you to hear from both sides and is the industry’s first rechargeable CROS system.


This hearing aid provides exceptional sound on both sides with a discreet design made for adjustability.

Hearing Solutions for Every Lifestyle

Our clinic offers comfortable and affordable solutions for every client. We have a wide range of options suited to your individual circumstances and lifestyle. Our hearing aids use the latest advancements in hearing technology to bring you the best sound quality and performance available. The types we offer include wireless, invisible, and behind-the-ear styles. We also offer devices with new and innovative features such as activity health monitoring, music and call connectivity, and streaming. Reach out to us to learn more about the options available to you. Our friendly staff is ready and willing to help you find your next favorite hearing aid.

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