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Innovative Hearing Aid Technology in Kitsap County, WA

At Conner Hearing Aid Clinic, we provide hearing aids fashioned from advanced hearing technology in Kitsap County, WA. We use cutting-edge designs to create the perfect blend of performance, comfort, and personalization. Our clinic offers customers the best innovative hearing aid technology based on leading research and advanced science. The hearing solutions we provide are designed for optimal performance and customized to your specific situation. We adapt our technology to meet the needs of your hearing loss and lifestyle.

Products Made for Optimal Performance

Explore exceptional styles crafted with highly innovative designs for improved connection and performance. The latest advancements offer small, invisible hearing aid types and classic styles with enhanced power. We offer the newest hearing aid additions, including the world’s first sensor AI-integrated features. The brands we offer include the following:

Evolv AI

These wireless and invisible hearing aids offer exceptional Starkey Sound™ with two-way audio and health monitoring.


Livio™ uses Hearing Reality™ technology to improve hearing while wearing face masks.

Livio AI

Integrated hearing aids use sensors and AI input to track activity and engagement health.

Livio Edge AI

Powerful AI intelligence gives you an edge with superior sound, speech boosting, and personalized power.


This fully-compatible hearing aid provides customization for your exact ear anatomy.

Reconnect With Ease and Confidence

Connect effortlessly to better hearing with the latest technology updates. Our hearing aids provide superior sound quality, clarity, and comfort. Experience personalized hearing with the best sounding and best performing rechargeable solutions. Our advanced technology can help you hear better in even the most challenging environments. Explore our advanced rechargeable hearing aids designed for optimal performance and comfort. We offer groundbreaking sound and improved hearing in almost any listening environment so you can experience lasting universal connectivity.

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