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Did you know that hearing aids are mini wearable computers? It’s true! When you think about the devices that way, there are a few things you should think about when caring for them this spring.

As with any computer, water exposure can damage the hearing aid’s battery – one of the most important parts to any hearing aid. This doesn’t mean you have to be restricted by Mother Nature, it’s just important to understand the proper steps for caring and protecting your hearing aids from potential water damage.

  • Even though an umbrella works well to protect you from getting wet, water and moisture can still navigate their way into your hearing aid and cause battery damage. It is best to remove your hearing aids before going out into the rain to ensure they stay dry.
  • If you absolutely must wear your hearing aids, make sure to use an umbrella in order to protect them! Unlike Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds in Singing in the Rain, many people try to avoid getting wet and typically attempt to cover themselves regardless of whether they are a hearing aid wearer or not.
  • When you are not wearing your hearing aids, it is important to open the battery door to allow the moisture to dry out.

Like anything important in our lives, knowing how to properly take care of your hearing aids will help prevent potential damage. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your hearing aids or how to properly care for them, please contact our hearing care professionals at Conner Hearing Aid Clinic in Bremerton or Port Orchard Washington and schedule an appointment today!

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