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You’re in Control With the Thrive Hearing Control App

The Thrive Hearing Control app lets you easily control listening environments for maximum Hearing Performance, monitor your health using Healthable Technology, and enjoy the convenience of Intelligent Assistant features.

Hearing Performance

Edge Mode

Conducts an AI-based analysis of the environment and makes smart and immediate adjustments with just a tap – and helps to make it easier to hear people who are wearing face masks. Exclusive to select technology levels of Evolv AI and Livio Edge AI.

Mask Mode

This custom memory boosts certain frequencies to help you better hear people who are wearing face masks. Mask Mode is available on select technology levels.

Speech Enhancement

AI-enabled IntelliVoice feature helps improve speech understanding for those with significant hearing loss.


Phone Calls

Answer calls with the touch of a button and hear the conversation streaming directly to your Evolv AI, Livio Edge AI, Livio AI or Livio hearing aids via Bluetooth® technology. (Requires Remote Microphone + for Android phone users)

Better Wireless Streaming

New technology provides consistent wireless performance through your smartphone or wireless accessories while streaming phone calls, TV, music, and other media.

Personalized Memories

Create multiple custom memories in the Thrive Hearing app. You can geotag memories so that your Evolv AI, Livio Edge AI, Livio AI or Livio hearing aids will adjust automatically next time you visit that location.

Remote Control

Change volume and switch memories on your hearing aids right from your smartphone.

Auto On/Off

Easily and automatically save battery power when you’re not using your hearing aids. Set your hearing aids on a flat, stable surface and they will go into a low-power mode after 15 minutes. Full power resumes when you put them on again. Available in Evolv AI, Livio Edge AI or Livio AI hearing aids.

Healthable Technology

Activity and Engagement Health Tracking

Compatible with both Android™ and Apple® smartphones, the Thrive Hearing app lets you track Engagement and Activity, giving you an overall Wellness Score. Only available with select technology levels of Evolv AI, Livio Edge AI and Livio AI hearing aids.

Fall Detection and Alerts

With integrated sensors, Fall Alert can detect falls and send alert messages to selected contacts. Only available with select technology levels of Evolv AI and Livio Edge AI hearing aids.

Intelligent Assistant

Thrive Assistant

You can conveniently troubleshoot hearing aid and accessory issues and ask a question like, “How do I customize my hearing aid settings?”

Find My Phone

Using your hearing aids and Thrive Assistant, you can now locate your lost or misplaced phone by having it ring.


Consult with your hearing professional virtually to make remote adjustments via video chat Live Sessions.


Conversations are captured on your smartphone so you can read, save and send what’s being said. Available in Evolv AI, Livio Edge AI or Livio AI hearing aids.

Language Translation

Communicate easily with people who speak other languages. Requires an internet connection. Available only for Evolv AI, Livio Edge AI, or Livio AI hearing aids and requires an Apple device.

Find My Hearing Aids

Locate your lost hearing aids with ease using the Find My Hearing Aids feature. A signal detector sends a stronger signal the closer you are to your hearing aids.

Self Check

Allows you to perform a diagnostic test on your hearing aids.


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