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What is needed to make sure you have the perfect hearing aid for your life?  We know there are many sizes, shapes, and in most cases, colors, to choose from!  While the color might be the easiest decision to make, how do we, as your hearing healthcare professional decide what is going to be best for you?

Here are the pieces of the “puzzle” that we need to find when meeting with you:

  • Type of hearing loss: When we conduct an audiological evaluation, we will be testing how your hearing “system” is working.  We test to find the softest level you can hear speech, where it is most comfortable to hear speech, and your loudness limits.  We also test your understanding of speech.
  • Eyesight and dexterity:  Hearing aids can be pretty small with even smaller controls.  We want to make sure you will be able to successfully use the hearing instrument.  Things we will take in consideration are as simple as changing the battery, getting the instrument in and out of your ear, and taking care of it.
  • Physical shape of your ear:  Ears are like snowflakes-they are all different.  Determining what model will work best for you is dependent on the size and shape of both your outer ear and ear canal.  We have to take into account how much power you will need for your hearing loss and any other physical situations such as wax production, dry flaky skin, to name a few.
  • Types of activities you enjoy:  This is what is most important!  We want to provide the best possible amplification for your needs.  If you are a busy, active person, we want to make sure the technology will met your needs.  Technology levels provide different amounts of adjustments for background noise, quieter environments, and trying to hear those sweet voices of grandchildren at family gatherings.
  • Cosmetic concerns: We want to give you the best hearing possible and we understand you prefer small instruments.  We are able to give you strong, smaller sized instruments.  If you are someone who has little ears, we will strive to get you the smallest, most appropriate style possible.  We have many choices to pick from, but know that your hearing success is most important.

While the “puzzle” of better hearing has many pieces to it, we have many solutions. Come visit us at Conner Hearing Aid Clinic in Bremerton and Port Orchard and let us put your “puzzle” together!

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