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Tinnitus can be annoying, frustrating and even nerving at times. While there is no cure currently, a brand new mobile app from Starkey Hearing Technologies offers the ability to create personalized tinnitus management sounds. This mobile app, called Relax, works with both iOs and Android™ devices to give users twelve unique relief sounds along with education and tips for self-management of tinnitus. The app can be used in conjunction with existing colutions one may be using as well for tinnitus relief. These other types of solutions may be either  of the following:

Hearing Aid Technology: many who suffer from tinnitus also have some degree of hearing loss. Ambient sounds can be amplified using hearing aid technology to help mask the ringing sensations.

Sound therapy: A large majority of individuals with tinnitus have already tried several types of sound therapy at home or at work, such as a white noise maker, but the mobile app will help provide relief anywhere for those who are actively on-the-go in the day.

To get started simply download the app using the following links for the App Store or Google Play™. We are happy to help anyone suffering from tinnitus in managing their condition or looking at a free trial of tinnitus management hearing aid technology. To schedule your free consultation simply submit your information on our Contact Us page or call our office during business hours. We hope all who are suffering from tinnitus get the relief they need!

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