Occupational Hearing Loss Claims - Federal Civilian Workers

Receive the Benefits You Deserve

Hearing loss caused by exposure to loud noise is an injury. Let us help you navigate the paperwork and receive the benefits you deserve. We will assist in all phases of the claim filing.

New Claims

Office of Workers Compensation injury program includes hearing loss. Our professionals will complete all the paperwork necessary to start the claim. You will then be scheduled with a local Ear, Nose, and Throat physician to complete the medical evaluation.

At all times during the filing process, we are available to follow up with any communication with OWCP. If the claim is denied, we will follow through with the appeals process. There is no cost to the injured worker at any point.

When your claim is accepted you may be entitled to monetary compensation in addition to your medical benefit of hearing aids. We will provide the necessary paperwork to receive your scheduled award and submit to your employer.

OWCP claims medical benefit will pay for any hearing system you prefer. You will be entitled to the most advanced hearing aids with all accessories included. Conner Hearing Aid Clinic will never ask for you to pay out of pocket for any of your hearing needs.

Existing Claims

If you have an existing claim through OWCP, you may obtain your hearing instruments through any provider you wish. We are pleased to evaluate your current hearing system and provide services or replacements if necessary.

Conner Hearing Aid Clinic has been providing services for the OWCP program for 40 years. Let us navigate the paperwork to provide you with the best possible outcome.